Who am I?

Well, that is a tough question to answer.  Who are any of us?

I am an adventurer, an entrepreneur, a thinker, a sports fan, a traveler, a woodworker, a maker, a bartender, a web designer and an all around good guy.

My goal in life is to continue to push forward and carve out a niche that I can call my own.  I enjoy working for myself and creating a business out of an idea and hard work.  Building a business is the ultimate thing that a maker can do, and although it can be extremely difficult, it is very rewarding.

The key floats that we make are of the best quality that I can produce - they are all made by hand.  The prototyping took a long time and many, many different materials and processes were tried.

We will continue to refine the design and keep testing out new materials, so we can produce the highest quality product that human hands can produce.  Thanks for your patronage.